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A Night of Neglect (Glee S02E17)

Sue is as sneaky as a sneaky gay. She’s also a super villain. The Glee club is poor, and so are the Brainiacs. Mercedes go full diva, Santana go full lethal and Puck go full commando. (Actually I don’t have any proof of the last one, but it’s a safe bet.) Haters gonna hate, Holly’s gonna holler and the dagger’s gonna poke.

That’s what you missed on (an actually underrated episode of)… GLEE!


The fail of the bullying arc

In November 2010, New York Times published an interview with Ryan Murphy about the bullying arc of Kurt Hummel. In that interview he stated that:

We wanted to do a story line where the abuse pushed him to the edge and he was like, “That’s it, I’m not going to take it any more,” and fight back. It’s a big story that we’re following through the whole year, and it has tentacles that will touch on all the characters.

Source: New York Times

As of episode 16 out of (supposedly) 22, how much have happened?

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The Message of Klaine

How Klaine showed me the light

Original Songs (Glee S02E16)

A big musical competition, Sarah Palin and a nun. Great songs, funny songs and none of them get chosen. Kurt has had enough and get devious. A death and a kiss (not the same person) and the installment of the Rachel Berry award.

That’s what you missed on… GLEE!

Sexy (GleeS02E15)

Brittany is expecting the stork to visit soon. Holly Holliday visits again, as a sexual education teacher and upset a prude guidance councilor. Someone is confused about sexuality. Will brags about his teaching skills (LOL) and Santana tells her heart’s desire “I love you”.

That’s what you missed on… GLEE!

Blame it on the Alcohol (Glee S02E14)

Alcohol is bad for you, Figgins doesn’t have a clue and Blaine is gay. And… Ehm… Well…

That’s what you missed on… GLEE!

Comeback (Glee S02E13)

Sam is assaulted by tiny girls, and find a way to get as much poontang he could ever wish for. The other boys, sans Finn, wants in (on the poontang, not on Sam). Emma returns, and so does Sue. Someone jumps from one girl to another, while a third girl tells us what boys like. Someone tries to be a fashion icon, someone else becomes it. There are also some terminally ill children tossed in to make someone look like a super good guy.


And that’s what you missed on… GLEE!