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New York (Glee S02E22)

May 26, 2011

Utterly amazing numbers, awesome comedy and a season finale that give you closure and leaves you feeling good about yourself, eager for the next episode after summer!

And that’s what didn’t happen on… GLEE!

New Directions go to New York to compete at Nationals. After all the drama and all the work they put into getting there one would have thought they had their set-list down to a T since a week after regionals. But no. They don’t even have any songs. And still they think they have a shot at winning? The overconfidence is strong in this lot…

A lot of time is spent on getting Finn and Rachel back together, and there are some nice scenes which I would have utterly loved if I wasn’t so fed up with their damn pining for each other. At least Rachel recognizes that she will eventually leave Ohio, and Finn, to pursue greater things, like Broadway. This brings us tot he best scenes of the episode; Kurt and Rachel having a Hepburnish breakfast at Tiffany’s and after that they manage to sneak into the stage of wicked where they go to a place of pure imagination and sing For Good, from Wicked. Together with Brittany’s “My Cup” this was the only good song(s) this episode, as I see it.

Speaking of Broadway, there was a big fuss made for a couple of episodes about Will maybe trying out a Broadway career with April Rhodes, and he even is told by some old caretaker that he is damn good after performing a Matthew Morrison song on stage (yes, he did one of his own songs. Now that Blarren stans will tear down heaven and earth to get a Darren Cri$$ song on the show…). The whole plot is resolved in two seconds when the kids ask him about it and he says he’ll stay with them. At least the plot got resolved.

Another thing that got closure was the “rivalry” between Rachel and Sunshine. Rachel tells her she’s sorry and that she only freaked out because Sunshine’s good. It was nice to see that this thing Rachel’s been getting a hard time for since the first episode this season got resolved, but why was this tiny little thing so important to close when the oh so important bullying plot is still left wide open, and Brittana was left at the exact same place as they have been since Sexy?

Quinn’s big plan for New York, the one she said she had in the last episode, was apparently to hog the bathroom, rage over Rachel and then get a haircut. For a moment, during that scene, I was convinced that Santana and Brittany would tell her about themselves, but no. Then it sounded like they were about to seduce Quinn for some hot lesbian action, which would have made the episode awesome even though lesbians doesn’t get me riled up.

Since New Direction wrote their songs the night before, and Finn and Rachel manage to kiss on stage (the audience was not amused by their teenage drama) they lose the competition. Maybe finally those two got knocked off of their high horses and let some other people sing for once. Last year I could feel sorry for New Direction, but this year they didn’t even try so they got what they deserved. I would even go as far as saying that 12th place out of 50 was more than they deserved.

And to top it off, everyone that though being single was a viable option got a kick in the nuts when “I’m happy and confident even without someone” Mercedes throws herself at the first available boy who asks her to dance. And on top of it all, they have a SECRET relationship? What the hell is up with that? They are in Ohio, not Texas or some other redneck state which would start enslaving black people and burn their white boyfriends if they could.

I guess I got my hopes up thinking that the season finale of a season that have been mostly “meh!” would be anything but “meh!” times two. If this is what we are left with after that first epic season I guess I don’t have to plan my Tuesdays so I am sure to be home to stream Glee in the middle of the night as it doesn’t seem to be worth it. Maybe it will get better over summer, but as of now I’m kind of happy that this mockery is over. The only thing that made me feel good about the episode, apart from “For Good” and “My Cup” was the wise, wise words from Brittany, telling us what the writers tried to, but apparently failed to, tell us with the season: That even though they fight and bicker and stuff like that, they are still a family.


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