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Funeral (Glee S02E21)

May 22, 2011

Heartbreaking moments galore, a breakup long due, bitchy Jessie, well executed auditions and a whole lot of wests. Emma is epic, Terri isn’t all terrible and the short but glorious return of Howard Bamboo.

And that’s what you missed on… GLEE!

This episode can be split into three parts. One that was epic, one that gave some resolve to a flogged horse and one that felt strangely lacking as we are on the last stretch of the season. The part about the death and funeral of Jean Sylvester was the epic part. Heart wrenching, tear jerking and an all together cry fest. The other part, the “hey lets have auditions for the big competition we have next week so we finally can practice for it” plot line had it’s moments: Great performances, some funny lines and finally a half-arsed reason for Jessie to have appeared last episode.

Let’s start with the resolved horse, as it need to be put out of it’s misery. There is another one still getting flogged despite just being a wet, red stain on the floor but that will have to wait. As Will is going to both Nationals and when summer break starts he will join April on Broadway for her new show about her life. Emma helps him organize his things, especially his abundance of wests. How many wests do a man need anyway? I have two and I never wear them. Each of the ones he chose to keep carry a memory. The most important one to be mentioned is the one he wore the first day he met Emma. She talks him into letting it go and put it in the giveaway pile, which she later raids and in her last scene this episode she wears it, letting us know she might still love Will, but is prepared to let him go so he can follow his dreams. Strangely, of the women not being able to let a man go on the show, Emma is the sane one.

The lacking part is really two story lines. First we have the Honey Badger/Terri and Panda Express/Howard Bamboo part, where Sue finally utilizes her last henchman (or if Sargent Handsome still have a secret mission next week) to reroute the plane tickets to Libya. This plot’s only point is to show us Terri and Howard one last time. Oh Howard, sweet, sweet Mr. Bamboo. It is resolved before it was even an issue for the glee club when Terri has a change of heart and get new tickets for them. All this just to let Will know she is moving to Miami and giving up on him. It was a pretty “Meh!” moment, even if the last Look Terri give Emma and Will makes me suspect that next year’s Nationals will be held in Miami, close to a newly opened “Sheets and Things”.

The second part of the lacking part is the auditions for a Nationals’ solo. It’s only one week left and suddenly Jessie St. James is a consultant that wants to turn the glee club against each other and Will doesn’t seem to understand a thing. Even if he do understand he choose to ignore the blatant favoritism and just scrap the competition without calling Jessie out for it. The performances was great, don’t get me wrong here, but it felt like it didn’t fit in with the rest of the episode. And it ended up having no other impact that putting a new cog in the wet spot on the floor that is the flogged to molecules horse of Finchel. Because Finn finally breaks up with Quinn, who conveniently seem to have forgotten how angry she was with Finn and knowing he still wanted Rachel over her last episode. This makes him free to pursue Rachel, who conveniently kiss Jessie as Finn walks in holding a flower he meant to give her. The scene was pretty bland, but after the emotional roller-coaster that was the good part of the episode, I kind of broke down and cried like a baby for the umpteenth time that episode.

Now for the good stuff. Jean Sylvester have died and Sue is dealing with it in the only way she can. She begins with kicking Becky off the Cheerios to save herself a lot of heartache. She then talks the Hummel/Hudson boys into helping her organize Jean’s things as it’s to hurtful to do it herself. They also take care of the funeral for her. This shows the part of Finn Hudson that is good. His goodie two shoe attitude, after all the crap Sue has put the club through. Jean’s favorite movie was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the old one with Gene Wilder) and the boys theme the funeral arrangement after it. It was unusual and lovely. Jane Lynch is an amazing actress and all those suppressed feelings her face and eyes can show… It made the episode so strong and emotional. Jean might have just been a minor character, but she was a super important one. In the end, Sue starts dealing with her loss and Becky is back on the squad, and head cheerleader next year. I don’t know how many times I cried my eyes out during the episode, but I am immensely happy I was home alone.

After this season as a whole, I don’t have high hopes for the last episodes. At least I want the Kurt/Rachel duet from Wicked to just… wicked. Apart from that I don’t have much hope as there are too many plots that should be concluded, and they need to have a lot of songs too. But I will hold my breath. I will make a wish. I will count to three.


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