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The Prom Queen (Glee S02E20)

May 13, 2011

Everyone dressed up to the nines, red carpet worthy dresses for five bucks and Friday. An even stranger return than April’s last episode, a king and a queen. And people are just… RAAAAAAH!

That’s what you missed on… GLEE!

I don’t know if it is because I was spoiled about the big super secret thing with this episode, but this episode doesn’t feel like it was worth all that twitter drama. It could have been an amazing prom episode, but it left to many questions unanswered.

In an attempt to make Blaine a more likable character, the powers that be give him a prom-like back story where he got gay bashed, so now I doesn’t dare to show his face at a formal dance. Reluctantly he agree to go with Kurt to the prom, despite the utterly bored to death look on his face when he tells Kurt that he’s crazy about him.

For some strange reason Jesse St James returns just in time for prom, and he has managed to flunk out of college because he didn’t realize he had to take all his classes. Apparently Carmal High caters a bit too much to their star singers and he wasn’t used to the real world. And apparently he has also managed to turn stupid in a way that makes Brittany seem clever. He is also really condescending to Sam about his awesome bolo-tie. Apart from that, Jessie’s only apparent reason to be in the episode was to make it so that Blaine wasn’t the only non McKinley student at the prom, and also to give Finn something to be jealous about. As if we needed bigger and bigger hints about the fact that Finn and Rachel will end up together again. Seriously, RIB, we KNOW. Is there even anything left of this dead horse to flog?

Another horse that has been flogged into oblivion the last few episodes is the Brittana one. Watching their scenes, however heart wrenching they are, is like watching an episode of Days of Our Lives. It’s just threading water, stalling to fill the episode time slot. It saddens me to see this potentially beautiful thing grinded down into the same kind of yawn fest that Finchel is.

Quinn blames all her misfortunes on Rachel and I won’t even go into how strange the slap and the following conversation was.

The coronation of a king and queen of the prom is always a big thing in movies and stuff. And it is always either the bullied kid getting redemption while the evil (almost every time a) girl get what is coming to her. Or it is a cruel joke which end up biting the joker in the behind. Or it’s Carrie. I would have loved a Scrubs inspired Carrie dream sequence, but all we got was… well, I’m not really sure. There were something missing, that could have made it all amazing. I know something similar happened on Ugly Betty, and I have not seen that series (yet), but the scene from there gave the feeling that the viewer knew who were behind it all. In the Glee version it was some unknown, faceless force that seem to have made it happen out of pure spite. However courageous and strong Kurt was when he went back in there, it was still very awkward. And what the hell as up with that uncalled for big applause? You just collectively humiliated him, what are you people? Sheep?

There were however some pleasing things about the episode too. The scene where they try on dresses was cute, and Lauren turned out beautiful in the dress she finally wore. Isn’t She lovely with all the Glee boys being really cute (Especially Sam). Friday redeemed itself with the help of the Glee boys. Becky slow dancing. Brittany slow dancing with a girl. Mercedes got to feel like a princess, and the handsome prince was my beloved Sam. I don’t know where she found that amazing dress for $5, and why her father, who is a doctor, couldn’t give her a bigger prom budget and also drive them all. Sam was so proud of his bolo-tie. And they all missed his birthday. Also, Karofsky’s breakdown was strangely sympathetic. It actually felt like he is really trying to make up for all the shit he’s pulled.


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