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Rumors (Glee S02E19)

May 7, 2011

Things may, or may not happen in the episode. Sam may or may not be having an affair. Sue may or may not have taken over the school newspaper. April Rhodes may or may not have made the strangest guest appearance ever. Will may or may not go to Broadway.

That’s what you may or may not have missed on… GLEE!

Sue has taken over the school newspaper and is busy breaking the glee club apart by posting suggestive rumors about it’s members. Apparently the kids believe the written word more than they trust each other. Especially when things really start to go downhill after it is suggested that Quinn is meeting Sam at a motel.

Since Finn know that Quinn hasn’t been above cheating before, as she cheated on him with Puck and later on Sam with said Finn, he takes to staking out the motel (how did he even know which mote it was? Maybe Lima only has one?) with the very girl he cheated on with Quinn: Rachel. Spending night after night in a cramped car with your former girlfriend is not suspicious at all Finn. Not at all…

Brittany has her own web based talk show where she gossips with her guests and her cat (which obviously has started smoking again). There we learn that Tina apparently has gotten to whatever base it is where you get to see your boyfriends genitalia, or at least feel it up. She also want Santana to come on the show so she can ask her to the prom and tell the world that she loves her. She can do that now that it seems she and Artie are over after he called her stupid, thus breaking her heart. It hurt so much to see Brittany cry. 😦

Staking out Finn and Rachel, besides showing us that they will get back together before the season is over (as if ANYONE can’t see that coming a mile away, they weren’t even broken up a full episode before there were longing glances), they spot Sam outside a motel room and from that room also emerges… Oh the suspense! …Kurt! Rachel looks like they both turned into trouts and danced the macarena while Finn can’t believe that Kurt would do that to Blaine. Apparently Finns first thought was that they had been having wild monkey sex. It seems not only the Kum fandom think Sam is gay/bi.

Santana is trying to use the rumor machine to her advantage by trying to spread a rumor that she and Karofsky has had sex in the back of a car. Sadly for her Jacob, the gossip monger, found out that it was posted from her own computer. She try covering it up telling him that she and Karofsky are happy together, but the one she is looking at when she admits that it’s a soul mate thing, is Brittany. Break my heart some more, why don’t you. Poor Brittany 😦

As Finn and Rachel keep staking out they see Quinn leave the motel room too, sending all kinds of threesome pictures into their minds. The rumors are soon known to the entire club, and among others Puck thinks is horrible of Sam since both Kurt and Quinn have boyfriends. This all ends with Sam exploding and telling the club that he’s not sleeping with either Kurt nor Quinn, they have just been helping him out with clothes and babysitting since his family lost everything and live in a motel now.

April Rhodes strangely show up at school again and is convinced by Will to make a musical about her life. He is also torn between his loyalty to the kids and his dream about going to Broadway with April. The voice of reason come from Emma, who now is feeling better, even settling for rinsing her fruits with plain water. She tells him he must follow his heart wherever it lay, just like she did in the pilot where he was about to leave the school for a better job to support his “pregnant” wife. No choice is really made, so I hope this will be continued, otherwise it was a complete waste of time and April.

Feeling ashamed Finn and Rachel seek out Sam at the motel meeting him and his two siblings. There is a heartbreaking talk about how quickly you can lose everything and when the glee club pitched in to get back the guitar Sam pawned to get some more money for his family, he breaks down crying. Sam may still be a poor pizza boy, but now he know his fellow glee clubbers love him.


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