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Born This Way (Glee S02E18)

May 2, 2011

Boring American commercials, Blaine trying to steal the spotlight during a moment we all have been waiting for and about 50 minutes of wonderful, wonderful things.

And that’s what you missed on… GLEE!

Everyone has something about them that they are ashamed of. That is what is the focus of this episode. It all starts when Finn, in his infinite bumbling, manages to break Rachel’s nose during a choreography practice. This leads her to start considering adjusting her nose, and she has the world’s (in her opinion) most perfect nose as a role model: Quinn’s. The doctor’s consultation ends in the best god damn mash-up the show have ever seen. Her insecurities and craziness about it peaks with Finn snapping at her that she should stop it. That she is beautiful.

Other examples of things people are insecure about range from physical features, like Rachel and her nose, or Sam and his mouth, to plain silly things like Mercedes’ clothes and Emma’s hair color. Tina is a bit ashamed of her eyes and is sad that there are no Asian role models for beauty. She first hold a monologue about that and when Rachel and her nose almost spin out of control she come to terms with it and hold a short monologue about that. That’s a whole lot of Tina, and it was amazing!

Speaking of Emma, she’s back with her OCD on overdrive and it’s driving the more and more sexually frustrated Will over the edge. Seriously Will, I’m not a psychiatrist but I’m pretty sure that Emma’s problems can’t be cured by shock treatment. How about you could have started with “only” rinsing the fruit instead or polishing it, and not try to make her eat dirty blueberries? In any case, Emma finally get herself to a councilor and after a very strong and powerful scene, she begin treatment and some mild medicine. I really hope it will work out for her.

Besides the coming to terms with yourself storyline, the prom queen battle is still on. Santana is bury trying to think up a way to snag as many votes as possible, considering Karofsky as a candidate as “her” prom King when she notice him stealing a glance at the divine creation that is Sam Evan’s finely sculpted ass, as he bend over like a slut to drink from a fountain in the hallway. This leads her to realize that he is gay. Karofsky that is, Sam isn’t gay yet. YET!


Since Santana want two things: To be the swan prom queen, and win nationals, she realizes that the key to both things are to be found in Kurt Hummel. But Kurt is at Dalton, where he escaped to be free of Karofsky. Thus, she must deal with Karofsky first, so she asks him on a date and there she reveals that she know. She also come out to him, and suggest they start dating to hide that they are both gay. She also blackmail him into becoming a better person and start an anti bullying campaign at school so that Kurt will be able to come back.

Her mastermind plans work and Kurt make a splendid entrance when he surprise returns to McKinley. His glorious comeback is interrupted however, by the Warblers storming in to sing to him. Apparently they couldn’t do that at Dalton before he left, so they all took the buss to Lima. Funny thing is, that the same students that heckle and sneer and throw shoes at New Directions got all into the OTHER school’s performance. Even the music band turned Judas and jammed with the enemy. With the blazers out of the picture however, Kurt sing a solo for the glee club, and by golly does he finally raise his arms again. It was glorious!

Lauren and Quinn clash as they both battle it out for the crown of the swan prom queen. Quinn angers Lauren so much that she digs up an old photo of Quinn, before she was beautiful, and makes it public. Quinn is humiliated but get sympathy votes. Lauren acknowledge that she went a bit to far an apologizes, something people very seldom do in Glee.

Brittany has, in her infinite kindness (Bless this girl!), made a shirt for Santana to wear when they perform Born This Way. It says Lebanese. She meant lesbian, but got it wrong. As Santana refuses, Brittany is hurt and tell her that is she really did love her she would wear it and dance with them. During the performance Santana does not join them, but she is sitting there watching, wearing her Lebanese shirt.


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