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Sexy (GleeS02E15)

March 11, 2011

Brittany is expecting the stork to visit soon. Holly Holliday visits again, as a sexual education teacher and upset a prude guidance councilor. Someone is confused about sexuality. Will brags about his teaching skills (LOL) and Santana tells her heart’s desire “I love you”.

That’s what you missed on… GLEE!

So, Brittany believes that babies are delivered by the stork. And Finn is stupid enough to make the deduction that you can get HIV from cucumbers. It saddens me that Mercedes walks into that trap too. She isn’t stupid. But it is apparent that the kids at McKinley (and I guess it’s a finger pointing att all schools in America) doesn’t have a clue about sexual education. I don’t think they are are bad as England though, getting pregnant and having like seven kids by the age of eleven, but still. You know teens will do crazy things, so how about preparing them for it instead of screaming about sin, Hell and damnation?

The once big celibacy club has now boiled down to three members, Quinn (who wants to keep playing the virgin Mary), Rachel (who just want to keep an eye on Quinn because how much she say she is over Finn, she isn’t) and a new member; Emma Pillsbury (who is really just afraid of sex because it is intimate and messy and I can totally understand her since my ideal view of sex is both rosy clean and smelling nice, and no icky sweat. Cum is OK though, if I do it over his non-sweaty, sparkly clean body.)

Holly is apparently returning again, as she’s now dating Will, who ends the episode really, REALLY cheesy by dipping her and saying he’s an excellent educator. How about you try those skills on your students for once, Will? I know it’s a crack idea, but it just might work…

To satisfy the straight boys watching, all three or so of them, there is a scene where a bunch of catholic school girls stand around in school uniforms while Blaine tries to explain to them that the performance they are about to make is supposed to be sexy. It was not. Well, except for MY two blond Warblers, but they are always sexy so it doesn’t count.

Speaking of Blaine… He is so madly in love with Kurt that he doesn’t think he is sexy at all. Kurt admits to knowing nothing about sex and sexiness, proving that he is a romantic at heart. Blaine can’t stand this and run straight to Burt, telling him he need to have “The Talk” with Kurt. Otherwise, Blaine paints this picture, Kurt will end up drunk as a skunk at a frat party and getting used and abused by a whole dormitory. I guess Blaine, being a bit older and more used to sexiness, speaks from his own experience. Yeah, I just called him a slut.

Anyway, Burt does have The Talk with Kurt and handles it very well, telling Kurt what anyone should be told, that they must not lose themselves thinking they doesn’t matter. You matter, Kurt, he tells him.

But the most important thing this episode is how Santana finally faces her demons, admitting to herself that she is in fact in love. With Brittany. Did I cry? Yes I did.

“I’m so afraid of what everyone will say behind my back. But still I have to accept that I love you. I love you and I don’t wanna be with Sam or Finn or any of those other guys. I just want you. Please say you love me back, please.”


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