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Dan Brown and the Collective Conscience

November 14, 2010

This has no relation to Glee what so ever, but I have started reading “The Last Symbol” by Dan Brown. Dan Brown has written smash hit novels like: The DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons, with Robert Langdon (portrayed by Tom Hanks on film), but also Digital Fortress and Deception Point. The latter two has not awoken the ire of the Catholic Church, so they aren’t as well known.

I will not go into the freemason plotline, as I know nothing of such things. It’s an entertaining story to me, nothing more. What does intrigue me is the notion of a collective conscience. This I can really relate to and believe in.

Many people together concentrate on one thing to control the world, I think is a bit of a stretch. But I do believe that our minds are connected somehow. Now I might sound like some crazy hippie person…

I base this belief on personal experience.

If you’ve ever been to a concert or similar thing where a lot of people are happy and focused on one thing, like a performer, the experience is a lot more intense. That is, I believe, because everyone is having the same feeling and that it amplifies through the group.

Similarly I think that intoxication is contagious. I don’t drink myself, but I have noticed myself acting a bit drunk if I am in the company of good friends that hare happy and drunk and I’m in a happy mood myself.

I guess the same thing occurs when an entire nation, or a world, grieves for a tragedy. Like how the entire country of Sweden seemed to get all quiet and sombre when Anna Lind was murdered.

So yes, not quite the thought out post I hoped to bring about this, but it will have to do for now.


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