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Vertigo (part 2) – Glee Fan Fic

October 31, 2010

While Emma tries to council Sam Evans on his eating disorder, feelings are running hot elsewhere too. In another part of McKinley High School, the Cheerios are hard at work practising a new routine…

The mediocre fan fiction continues in…

VERTIGO – part 2


[Part 2]
“Useless!” Sue Sylvester blasted out her bullhorn. “The wheelchair kid in Glee club could make better cartwheels!”
The boy lying on top of Kurt groaned after the collision and it sounded as if he was about to cry when the Cheerios’ coach kept yelling.
“Why don’t you just go and set yourself on fire and save us the torture? We can’t have sloppy babies like you around when we take the flame throwers out for the number!”
With a disgusted look on her face she told them to hit the showers.
As Sue stalked out of the gymnasium Becky Jackson, the tiny cheerio with downs, helped Kurt get up and brush himself off.
“Are you alright, Kurt?” she asked as he straightened his cheerleader uniform.
“Yeah,” Kurt replied. “Getting pushed into lockers makes you resilient against small things like training accidents or car crashes…”
Becky smiled broadly and patted Kurt on the shoulder.
“You’re sweet Kurt. You’ll make some boy happy one day soon.”
Then she skipped away leaving Kurt with a strange expression on his face. One would have thought, by looking at her, that Becky would make Brittany and Finn seem like geniuses, but she was in reality eerily receptive.

Everyone was gone now, except for Kurt and Quinn who checked up on him too, to make sure their secret weapon could still perform and they decided to make company while Kurt was getting to his car and Quinn was going to pick up Sam from the gym where he’d said he’d wait for her when she was done.
“Hope he didn’t mind that practice took a bit longer today…” she frowned as they made their way down the corridor. Quinn was really pretty, even when she made those faces that spoke volumes more than any words could ever express. Kurt couldn’t help but admire that about her.

In the gym, Sam’s lips pressed themselves against Emma’s neck.
With a yelp Emma pulled her hand free from Sam’s gentle hold and bolted for the door. Sam gasped in horror when he realized what had happened.
“Wait, Miss Pillsbury, I didn’t mean to… Miss Pillsbury, wait, please!”
He quickly turned to run after her and apologize when the dizziness returned; he swayed for a few moments before everything went black.

Kurt and Quinn stopped dead in the corridor as Emma ran past them, hands covering her face. They both looked at each other for a moment before they too ran, towards the gym where Emma had come from. Quinn made a shriek as she saw Sam lying in the floor and Kurt gasped loud as the memories from his father’s recent heart attack bubbled up inside him again. He ran up to the lifeless blonde and checked his pulse.
“No worries,” he said with relief. “He’s alive. Looks like he just fainted…”
“I’ll get coach Sylvester,” Quinn said as she caught her breath and steadied herself.

As he got left alone in the now dark gym Kurt sat down and rested Sam’s head in his lap, gently slapping him to try and ruse him back to consciousness. Despite the strangeness and possible distress of the situation, it was kind of nice having him this close. With the fraction of a smile Kurt’s finger gently followed the contours of Sam’s face as he waited for Quinn and Sue to get there. And he could not help but wishing they’d take their time…

[To be continued…]


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