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Numbers of the… numbers (S01E01-S01E05)

October 26, 2010


Since I made on of these for the first four episodes of season 2, I figured I should make some for season 1 too.

This time however I will look at, and include, lead vocals for songs that have distinct such. Will Schuester will also be included in this, as he does quite some singing this season. Group songs will be noted by (singer/ND). April Rhodes guest stars in one episode and is awarded a spot, but by her brief visit is marked with an *. Same with the group Acafellas, as they only exists for one episode, but contains lead vocals.

Thus: Solos, Duets and Lead Vocals will give voice points for season 1. Backup vocals, like Santana and Brittany in Showmance, awards only glory and a smile.

I will include the small fragments of the audition songs, as they are rather important to show the characters. I am uncertain how I should class “Alone” from The Rhodes Not Taken, as it’s supposed to be a duet, but as Will barely sings I will count it as a solo performance. In the same episode I will disregard Mercedes and Artie from Somebody To Love as their contribution is minuscule (Mercedes wails one note and Artie is an echo in the end).

In the final compilation people are ordered by:

  1. Number of voice points
  2. Solo > Duet > Lead Vocals
  3. Alphabetically


The songs I decided not to include are:

  • “Where is Love?” [Pilot] as it’s a small fragment sung by a one scene character.
  • “Can’t fight this feeling” [Pilot] as it was just a fragment sung in a shower.
  • “Rehab” [Pilot] as it was a performance by Vocal Adrenaline.
  • Le Freak” [Showmance] as it was just a super bad practice session.
  • All by Myself” [Showmance] as it was just sung along on the radio, and I can’t stand seeing Emma sad. 😦
  • For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” [Acafellas] as it was not a performed number.
  • Mercy” [Acafellas] as it was a performance by Vocal Adrenaline.
  • Single Ladies” [Preggers] as, though prominent, was ‘just’ a dance routine.
  • Don’t Stop Believing” [The Rhodes Not Taken] as it’s just a few seconds.
  • Cabaret” [The Rhodes Not Taken] as it’s fragmented and destroyed by Sandy.

[PILOT, S01E01]

That means that I will look at eight songs from [Pilot]:

  • Respect, by Aretha Franclin; (Mercedes)
  • Mr. Cellophane, from Chocago; (Kurt)
  • I kissed a girl, by Katy Perry; (Tina)
  • On my own, from Le Miserables; (Rachel)
  • You’re rockin’ the boat, from Guys & Dolls; (Artie/ND)
  • You’re the one that I want, from Grease; (Rachel/Finn/ND)
  • Leaving on a jet plane, by John Denver; (Will)
  • Don’t stop believing, by Journey; (Rachel/Finn/ND)

This means we have 3 group song (5 lead vocals) and 4 Solos.

New Directions: 3 song/s
Rachel:         3 song/s
Finn            2 song/s
Artie:          1 song/s
Kurt:           1 song/s
Mercedes:       1 song/s
Tina:           1 song/s
Will:           1 song/s


From [Showmance] we have four songs:

  • Gold Digger, by Kanye West; (Will/Mercedes/ND)
  • Push It, by Salt-n-Pepa; (Artie/Rachel/ND)
  • I Say a Little Prayer, by Dionne Warwick; (Quinn/Brittany/Santana)
  • Take a Bow, by Rihanna; (Rachel)

This means the episode have 3 group performances (5 leads) and 1 solos.

New Directions: 2 song/s
Rachel:         2 song/s
Artie:          1 song/s
Mercedes:       1 song/s
Quinn:          1 song/s
Will:           1 song/s


From [Acafellas] we have four songs:

  • This is How We Do It, by Montell Jordan; (Will/Acafellas)
  • Poison, by Bell Biv DeVoe; (Will/Acafellas)
  • Bust Your Windows, by Jazmine Sullivan; (Mercedes)
  • I Wanna Sex You Up, by Color Me Badd; (Will/Puck/Acafellas)

This means that the episode contains 3 group performances (4 leads) and 1 solo.

Acafellas:      3 song/s
Will:           3 song/s
Mercedes:       1 song/s
Puck:           1 song/s


And, from [Preggers] we have two songs:

  • Taking Chances, by Celine Dion; (Rachel)
  • Tonight, from West Side Story; (Tina)

This means that the episode has 2 solos.

Rachel:         1 song/s
Tina:           1 song/s


Finally, from [The Rhodes Not Taken] we have four songs:

  • Maybe This Time, from Cabaret; (April/Rachel)
  • Alone, by Heart; (April/Will)
  • Last Name, by Carrie Underwood; (April/ND)
  • Somebody To Love, by Queen; (Rachel/Finn/ND/Mercedes/Artie)

This means that the episode has 2 group performances (3 leads), 1 duet and 1 solo.

New Directions: 2 song/s
April:          3 song/s
Rachel:         2 song/s
Finn:           1 song/s


Over the five episodes we have 7 group performances (12 lead vocals) by New Directions, 3 group performances by Acafellas (4 lead vocals), 1 group performance by the Cheerios (1 lead vocal), 1 duet and 9 solos, equalling 21 songs.
Maths for this means 17 lead vocals (17*1 person = 17 voice points), we have 1 duet (1*2 persons = 2 voice points) and 9 solos (9*1 person = 9 voices). This equals (17 + 2 + 9 =) 28 voice points.

          Solo Duet Lead  Sum
Rachel:     3    1    4    8  
Will:       2    -    4    6  
Mercedes:   2    -    1    3  
April*:     1    1    1    3  
Finn:       -    -    3    3  
Tina:       2    -    -    2  
Artie:      -    -    2    2  
Kurt:       1    -    -    1  
Puck:       -    -    1    1  
Quinn:      -    -    1    1  
SUM:        9    2   17   28

As we can see, even in the beginning of the show, Rachel is awarded the most singing, but this time followed by Will. Mercedes surprises in third place, with two solos, one of which was an entire song. Way to go Mercedes! April shines with 3 songs too from one single episode. She will get more points in the big tally as she appears again in a later episode. Thus far Finn has only done male leads in New Direction performances. Lovely Tina has two solos, none of which are entire songs. Kurt has a solo but terribly short.


Rachel is promoted as the star of the show from the beginning, but a bit surprisingly Will is quite high of the board. Finn is at 5th position at the start of the show. I don’t know what happened to Mercedes who seems to have ended up doing backup vocals later on. Her solo performance (Bust Your Windows) is in my opinion one of the best performances in season 1.

In spite of it all, everyone that has a singing part in season one has been heard so far. Santana, Brittany, Matt and Mike only does backup vocals and I probably won’t count Emma’s performance as she sings along with a tape. There’s Sue’s Vouge and Physical though. But apart from that…


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