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New York (Glee S02E22)

Utterly amazing numbers, awesome comedy and a season finale that give you closure and leaves you feeling good about yourself, eager for the next episode after summer!

And that’s what didn’t happen on… GLEE!


Funeral (Glee S02E21)

Heartbreaking moments galore, a breakup long due, bitchy Jessie, well executed auditions and a whole lot of wests. Emma is epic, Terri isn’t all terrible and the short but glorious return of Howard Bamboo.

And that’s what you missed on… GLEE!

Good bye, Jean!

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The Prom Queen (Glee S02E20)

Everyone dressed up to the nines, red carpet worthy dresses for five bucks and Friday. An even stranger return than April’s last episode, a king and a queen. And people are just… RAAAAAAH!

That’s what you missed on… GLEE!

Weekend Treasure Chest

This one’s for the lovely Icekitten on GF: Johnny Weir, American figure skater, Glee fan and total hottie. Suddenly, this skater boy made figure skating very interesting…

Now for the topless program…

Rumors (Glee S02E19)

Things may, or may not happen in the episode. Sam may or may not be having an affair. Sue may or may not have taken over the school newspaper. April Rhodes may or may not have made the strangest guest appearance ever. Will may or may not go to Broadway.

That’s what you may or may not have missed on… GLEE!

Born This Way (Glee S02E18)

Boring American commercials, Blaine trying to steal the spotlight during a moment we all have been waiting for and about 50 minutes of wonderful, wonderful things.

And that’s what you missed on… GLEE!